Consultation Safebooth

Video Enabled Criminal Justice capability for the Police Service, Prisons and courts ensuring social distancing

The video enabled Consultation Safebooth provides the ligature free assurance and modular capabilities of the entire Safebooth Range with the addition of the video conference endpoint of your choice, mounted externally on the door behind high security glass, operated remotely.

Providing a private, safe and secure space for a detained person to have a legal consultation with a solicitor after arrest, Court connectivity for remand and bail hearings, remote PACE reviews, remote ICV oversight, remote Probation Interviews, all with full Home Office NPEG approval.

A transformational technology solution, providing safe custody operations, each unit is a guaranteed 100% ligature free safe space.

Completely future proof,  

  • as estate needs change we simply relocate the Safebooth for you
  • as technology changes we simply switch in the latest equipment 

Operational on the day of delivery, in the location of your choice, this product gives ultimate flexibility and continuing savings year on year. 

The Consultation Safebooth allows instant, secure connectivity to your network using the technology you chose to ‘plug and play’ safely. Contact Safebooths UK on +44 800 0025101 or email us at to discuss purchase or rental options.