Protection from Covid 19

The Safebooths UK range is fabricated in the UK entirely from sheet steel, providing you with absolute assurance that the Safebooth you procure will be robust and remain fully serviceable for many years in the demanding environments into which they are designed to be deployed and re-deployed as your demand profile changes.

The steel panels are treated with powder coated coverings, giving them an anti-bacterial finish similar to structures built in hospitals and operating theatres. This means that the Safebooths require a wipe down inside and out with an anti bacterial cleaning solution to ensure that users remain safe and protected from cross-transmission. 

Should the Safebooth become soiled, your cleaning contractor can easily return it to full service by standard cleaning methods. The seat cushion is made of rip-stop, anti bacterial plastic identical to that used in cell mattresses. The safety glass panels are easily cleaned with standard window solution.